Using apps and various gateways we provide an IoT infrastructure for Manufacturing 4.0.
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Digitizing value chains

CargoBeacon makes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) available to more, using innovative and affordable technology.
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Data collection

Durable low cost tags are used to tag assets, Work In Progress-material or load carriers in your workshop. 

Tablets and smartphones might be converted into your digital work order, following your Work In Progress-material and providing assembly documentation. This gives you the exact time for each and every operation in your work-order. 

With wearables used by personnel you understand work-flows in order to defeat bottleneck problems. Visitors wearing smart safety wests receives alerts when moving out of safe zones or when moving vehicles are approaching.


Besides our own components we are working with a variety of vendors providing access points, or gateways, to provide the infrastructure that is needed to match your use case and budget. Mobile devices or sealed access points are used to track tags and wearables in outdoor environments, while discrete looking access points can be provided for clean industrial environments.


We provide standardized APIs that easily integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning system. Collected data is processed and visualized to provide actionable insights supporting higher productivity and better improvements. Collision detection can be visualized by tag communication – letting wrist-bands vibrate, safety wests blinking or having visual light alerting fork-lift drivers of people approaching the vehicle.

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