Working with finished goods

Finished goods are goods that have been assembled and completed by a manufacturing process, or even purchased in a completed form, but which have not yet been sold to customers. There are many reasons to tag finished goods as it brings transparency to the journey from your production hall and potentially all the way to your customer.
Bar code
Barcode labels may be obsoleted

As goods have been produced it is often labelled before being moved into internal warehouse for storage or shipping.

We find the time of labelling to a good occasion for also tagging the goods. While manually labelling the goods on you can also put a tag there and with the tag in place you even have the possibility to digitize what is printed on the labels and remove them as a secondary step.

First, you can find out how many times goods is being picked up, dropped off and stored at intermediate locations before reaching its final destination. If transferred between several warehouses route optimizations may be possible. Optimizations leading to reduced fuel consumption, less administration and driving time for drivers and trucks by minimizing internal transfers

Working with finished goods 1
Labelled, finished goods on intermediate storage

No more inventory counts

Inventory count
Manual cycle counts - soon a memory?

Likely your inventory is cycle counted at regular intervals? This is often perceived as a disturbing activity. Not only that cycle counting takes a day or two from your calendar. On top of that -deviations need to be handled and if possible mapped against missed customer orders before the found inventory can be taken care of. With tags on your finished goods you will always stay on top of your inventory. No more manual inventory counts means happier employees and reduced stock cots.

Keep track of order completion

Your customer order might include several packages or pallets. By tagging individual pallets the system can automatically ensure that all packages in one order are being located together - thus being ready for pickup. No more “no delivery” on individual packages resulting in increased delivery precision and customer satisfaction.

Transparent supply chain

Often tags are removed as goods as the order has become ready for pickup. The reason is of course to create a closed loop so that tags are reused over and over again within the company. But what if you close the reuse loop with your customer?

- This way you can achieve transparency in the supply chain. Tags outside your warehouse can be tracked by ordinary smartphones. With the CargoBeacon app running on the smartphone of truck drivers and employees you will find updated package coordinates – also while being on the road. This is what we call the transparent supply chain – where you can let your customers understand where goods are located practically all the way to their front door. No more calling, no more asking about shipments status updates.

Full truckload
Live tracking finished goods throughout the supply chain. Perfect for full- and part truckloads.

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