Work-in-progress material

Work-in-progress material 1
Work-In-Progress material

Work-in-progress (WIP) materials are items that are being processed in a factory and often stored in intermediate storage within the factory, waiting for the next step in the process. These materials are typically carried by forklifts in special metal racks or pallets with collars.

The intermediate storage time can vary greatly, from seconds to minutes before the next step in the process takes place, but it can become a problem if there are supply chain delays or increased order volumes. In these cases, semi-finished goods may have to wait for days or weeks in overcrowded warehouses and other storage areas may have to be used to make room. This will lead to difficulties in finding the WIP materials, as personnel need to manually search for them. Problems like these ultimately lead to decreased productivity and increased costs for the company.

To solve this problem, we have developed a three-click method for tracking WIP materials in CargoBeacon Track.

First, link the ID of the tag you want to use by scanning it with the smartphone app. Then place the tag inside the pallet or attach it with the material.

Next, scan a QR code that describes your work-in-progress material. With a special encoding technique we can scan order numbers, shipment information and all the needed information with one scan.

Lastly, press "add" and you have material tracking!

Work-in-progress material 2
WIP-material based on order number.

With a forklift-mounted tablet or computer, the driver can easily filter out the desired asset and quickly locate it on a map, whether it is located indoors or outdoors.

When the next step is ready, simply run the three-click method again with the same tag. The system will automatically remove the old association and set the previous WIP pallet as inactive. This means that the previous WIP pallet is no longer being tracked, but you still have access to its history.

Find more info about our turn-key asset tracking solution here.

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Modified: February 1, 2023

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