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Wirepas mesh deployment overview

Discover how to effortlessly transform your facility into a smart, connected factory with Wirepas mesh technology. From infrastructure deployment to […]

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency: The Benefits of Asset Tracking Solutions for Complex Project Deliveries

Introduction In the world of complex logistics, delivering goods to large-scale projects such as factory construction, telecommunications stations, or power […]

CargoBeacon introduces EverTag – with rocket sales from day one

CargoBeacon announces partnership with Wirepas. This partnership starts with something concrete, Introducing the Wirepas-powered EverTag! The EverTag is a pivotal […]

Asset Tracking in Manufacturing: A New Era of Optimization and Excellence

In the highly competitive manufacturing industry, having knowledge of your assets' location and usage is not only a luxury but […]

Revolutionizing Automotive Logistics Tracking

Tracking in automotive logistics is being disrupted by new possibilities to connect individual load carriers.

Optimizing Project Deliveries: The Power of Asset Tracking

Discover how asset tracking solutions revolutionize project-driven deliveries, providing real-time visibility and streamlined operations for businesses involved in large-scale projects with complex logistics.

Project-driven deliveries

Handling industrial packaging for the construction of a factory, telecommunications station or a power plant?

Work-in-progress material

Tired of looking for Work-In-Progress material? Easily track WIP-material indoors and outdoors.

Tools and utilities

There are times when we quickly have to find our tools and equipment. Do you keep track of yours?

Working with finished goods

Handling bulky, finished goods - such as steel collars and beams?

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