Tag holder plastic 230801

CargoBeacon 230801 is a tag holder used for permanent or semi permanent mounting of tags and anchors.

CargoBeacon 230801 is a tag holder used for permanent or semi-permanent mounting of tags and anchors. Once attached the tag is firmly attached to the tag holder and can not be removed without tools. Tag holder - wall mounted

CargoBeacon 230801 has three mounting holes designed to fit drywall screws, perfect for semi-permanent fastening on drywall with a minimum of damage to the interior. 

For even quicker deployment. Complement the tag holder with durable, double adhesive tape and it is ready to attach - basically on any surface.

Tag holder plastic 230801 1

Installing tags and anchors becomes as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Screw or mount the tag holder using permanent double adhesive to firmly attach the tag holder to the wall.
  2. Snap in the 2300 series tag. Push it firmly until you hear the snap!
  3. To remove it - use a screwdriver and bend the tag holder wings away from the tag while pushing the tag out from the tag holder.

Tag holder plastic 230801 2

Technical Specifications

76x40x6 mm
Article Numbers
Article number
230 801
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Modified: May 26, 2023

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