IPS tag 230 020

CargoBeacon 230 020 is an industrial combined mesh and proximity tag for tracking Industrial assets.

Indoor Positioning (IPS) tag 230 020 is our Mesh tag specially developed to track industrial non-powered assets using mesh technology. Track material and understand utilization in areas covering tens of thousands of square meters - indoors and outdoors. In our turn-key asset tracking solution, CargoBeacon Track, we call this IPS technology Mesh which is a licensed version of Wirepas massive.

When a tag is brought outside the mesh-network the tag sends BLE advertisements in a unique, open format optimized for working with material tracking and equipment utilization. In CargoBeacon Track, we call this BLE-technology Proximity.

Mesh roles

IPS tag 230 020 is specially designed to track non-powered equipment using mesh technology. Mesh tags can be configured to have different roles in Wirepas massive. The two most relevant roles for material tracking are the anchor role and tag role.

Tags with anchor role are placed on the walls of the industrial premise and they build a mesh network among themselves. The mesh network is self routing and self healing and always connects to one or more gateways. The gateway(s) connect the mesh network to the Internet. Routes within the network are automatically established and calculated to always provide the lowest cost (in energy) for a tag to connect to the Internet.

Tags with tag role are placed on assets that are tracked. To get the idea you may say that tags within the mesh network automatically report its position with approx 5 meter accuracy every five minutes for more than five years without maintenance. If an asset is brought outside the mesh network it may be configured to send BLE-advertisements to enable app based tracking of the asset. With several mounting options and its nice design the 230 020 tag is well suited for being attached to the wall (role anchor) or attached to assets (role tag) in the same asset tracking application.


With IPS tag 230 020 configured as a tag, you are ready to track and work with the utilization rate of assets in thousands. Like our BLE variant of the tag, the mesh application lets you understand utilization parameters. For how long the tag has been deployed, for how long it has been moving, standing still etc.

By pressing the button, you put the tag in alarm mode. In alarm mode, an event is sent to the cloud, which in turn e.g. can be used to retrieve material at work faster, signal that a certain step in a process is complete and so on.


IPS tag 230 020 1

Some insights provided by the tag are the total time it has been powered, the total time the tag has been deployed and total time it has been moving. The tag also transmit its current state - if moving or standing still and also for how long it has been in that state. By reading this information at regular intervals you will not only be able to understand asset utilization but also utilization over the period of a day. Apply this for fleets of assets and you will have the necessary data to optimize your logistics, operations or warehousing.


Security lies warm at heart for CargoBeacon and our existing customers. Further on the advertisement format contain secure elements that may be used to detect fake tags using the same advertisement format as 230020.


230 020 is part of our 230-series of tags. These tags have all been specially developed to increase the use of already allocated resources with sustainability as one of the cornerstones. Rugged design, scratch resistant labeling and maintenance-free for up to 10 years. Designed to last for battery changes and following repair, reuse and recycle phase. With different IPS-technologies and sensors the 230-series will help you optimize your fleet of assets based on asset location and utilization.

The tag's design enables several mounting possibilities:

  • Protected mounting inside a EUR-pallet
  • Permanent anchoring via bolts using a welding plate for industrial applications
  • Permanent or semi-permanent anchoring with tag holder
  • Direct attachment using double adhesive, wooden screws or cable ties

Technical Specifications

Battery Life
+10 years
2 pcs replaceable Lithium coin cell CR2477. UN3091 PI 970, Section II compatible.
Operating environment
Batteries rated ~ -20°C to +70°C . Electronics rated -40 to +85°C
Permanent mount with Screw, lash or tape. Alternatively use our snap-in or welding plate holders.
Wirepas massive
Open BLE 5.x standard format
approx 50m in open air.
User interface
Push button
Custom overlay for OEM use
Temperature sensor
Accuracy (at 25°C)
Article numbers
With LED and push-button
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Modified: August 8, 2022

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