Here you will find the components making CargoBeacon track to a leading solution in industrial asset tracking. Interested in OEM design or purchasing components only? Get in touch!

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IPS tag 230 020

Indoor Positioning (IPS) tag 230 020 is our Mesh tag specially developed to track industrial non-powered assets using mesh technology. […]

IPS tag 230010

Indoor Positioning (IPS) tag 230 010 is our cost-optimized Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag. The tag is developed to track […]

Tag holder metal 230802

CargoBeacon 230802 is a tag holder used for industrial permanent or semi-permanent mounting of 230- series of tags. Weld the […]

Tag holder plastic 230801

CargoBeacon 230801 is a tag holder used for permanent or semi-permanent mounting of tags and anchors. Once attached the tag […]

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