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Our turn-key hybrid system for Industrial tracking and asset management
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Digitizing value chains

CargoBeacon makes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) available to more, using innovative and affordable technology.
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Track thousands of assets, indoors and outdoors with the accuracy required. Free from maintenance up to 10 years.
Cable less mesh infrastructure – easy to install locally AND at remote sites, warehousing, consignment warehouses and at suppliers.
Guaranteed the lowest cost of infrastructure and ownership on the market for retrofit installations.

Gain full understanding with our core features

Powerful functionality enabled through simple to use smartphone apps 
Advanced filters
Triggers and events
Easily add your assets
Floor plan conversion
For your organization
Easily find your asset by working with filters that lets you and search on data as setup for your use case. Order number, article number, shipment ID etc.
Work with graphical programming to setup dynamic rules to handle triggers and events. Increase variables for asset utilization or trigger the sending of an email upon entering a specific zone, etc.
Easy to add - easy to track! What parameters do you want to track? Use your smartphone to quickly add all your desired parameters using simple bar-code scan.
Where is my asset? We will find and present your assets on google maps or on your own flooplan drawing. To simplify the understanding of your floorplan we are happy to help out converting it into 3d. It simply looks better and becomes easier to understand. 
Setup roles with specific access control as it suits your organization and invite your colleagues.
Quick and easy

Get started in less than a day(!)

First. Plan your installation. How many sites? How many square meters, what types of assets and how many? We will provide all equipment needed and assist according to your needs.
Use CargoBeacon track to upload your floorplan and decide where to place anchors. Create your specific asset types.
Attach anchors on dedicated locations. Attach gateway somewhere in the middle.
Attach tags to your assets, associate tag IDs with their asset type and name assets. Your are ready to go!
The any-tag concept

One system – any tag

Track load carriers and returnable transport packaging using IPS technologies. Long battery life, continuous updates and cost efficient.
Track work-in-progress-material and logistics use cases using barcodes and RFID. Lowest tag cost with no maintenance.
Track finished goods across the globe using tracker tags. Outdoor connectivity, prevents theft.

Are we all set?

It's a simple yet versatile and advanced concept and we would love to tell you more

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822 40 Alfta, Sweden

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