Industrial asset management

We help the industry to optimize the use of their non-powered assets in thousands
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Digitizing value chains

CargoBeacon makes Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) available to more, using innovative and affordable technology.
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Tracking non-powered assets

Our customers handle things such as industrial equipment, hand held tools, tractor implements, roller cages, returnable packaging, cable drums, medical equipment, road blocks and so on … The commonality is they exists in large quantities where time-stamped location and sensor data are game changers for their businesses.

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Our Turn-key solution

What if you always knew where all material inside and around your factory was located and how it moves? Our vision is a digitized industry where already allocated resources are used at optimum levels. Explore our turn-key solution CargoBeacon Track aimed to get you up and running with asset utilization metrics and latest positioning technologies in no time.

CargoBeacon Track


Our turn-key platform has been carefully designed from scratch with the sole purpose of tracking non-powered assets. The purpose is to help our customers understand how non-powered assets in their business is used for better decision making to increase utilization of already allocated resources.

Through partnerships we have teamed with the leading hardware providers. In some cases, there has not been hardware available that meet our needs - we have then developed our own hardware, such as tag-230 series. Many of our customers are just asking for specific components or specific needs. 

  • Maybe a production manager in need to identify parts of a production line?
  • Maybe you are an IPS guru looking for additional hardware products?
  • Are you a machine builder in need of tool recognition?

Regardless, we are happy to provide you our products as they are or as part of a complete solution.

Solid and scalable technology

Your partner in micro location services 

With an extensive set of existing components, engineering expertise and an external network of suppliers we are here to realize your needs. Our only demand is that all projects should lead to increased sustainability, typically through higher utilization and better optimizations. 

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Backed by strong partners

Scalable technology

Real Time Location Services

Indoor and outdoor real time position with historic data and up to 20cm accuracy. All in one place.

Wide range of sensors

Use tags equipped with different sensors or even data logging capability depending on your application.

Edge computing

Tags powerful enough for edge computing, such as man-down-detection, whenever necessary.

Machine learning

Data collection ongoing throughout your working day. Analyse collected data and make generate alerts based on deviations.

Smartphone compatible

Depending on use case we tags can be made compatible with industrial tablets and smartphones.

Low cost tags

Based on smartphone chips – high volume markets with various chip providers makes the technology scalable

Intelligent tags

State aware tags – sleeps during storage and wakes into different states depending on use case.

Low power tags

+10 years of batterylife? No problem. Powered for years even by small coin cell batteries.


Industrial robustness even in harsh radio environments by using frequencies outside Bluetooth and Wireless LANs.


We love standards. CargoBeacon are part of an eco-system of tag partners reducing the need for own hardware development.

Hosting and SLA

Hosted on cloud or on premise. Hosting and Service level agreement based on company requirements.

Portal and APIs

Easily evaluate and integrate by using portals and APIs.

Articles and papers

API Documentation

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Developer Guide

Developer Guide: Understanding the CargoBeacon API Architecture How It Connects: From Tags to Analytics The CargoBeacon system is designed to […]

EverTag-T mesh

EverTag-T (230 012) combines our advanced Wirepas localization engine with a high-accuracy temperature sensor, making it essential for industries that […]


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